Social Media

Looking for me on social media? Good luck.

I've had most social media accounts at one point, but as they've become more and more horrible, I just can't excuse the hypocrisy between what I say I believe in and how I spend my time. That said, this is me, you do you. I don't care what social media other people are on, it's entirely not my problem.


I would say that Facebook is arguably one of the bigger forces to blame for the rise of people like Trump and the radical GOP. It's a breeding ground for hate. That's why I left.

Alternatives: I've not yet found an alternative. Maybe Vero? I did actually like Google+ and wish it would have survived.


The biggest reason is that they're owned by Facebook. But not the only reason, instead of being original, they started to just copy everyone else, which is a little sad to watch. Also, as a hobbyist photographer, the inability to upload quickly and easily from my computer was quite frustrating.

Alternatives: I now use Glass and Vero, but I'm not very good at posting anymore, it kind of feels like shouting into the universe and I don't have the energy to build a following.


I left for the obvious reason: Elon Musk.

Alternatives: I just joined Mastodon, but I have yet to post.


To me this has always felt like a weird marriage of the worst parts of the corporate world and high school. Not my thing. I also think that some of the best appearing people on LinkedIn are some of the worst possible people to hire.

Alternatives: How people find and get new jobs is depressing. I've always felt that contract to hire was a lovely model, but I know it's not perfect either.


I've seen good stuff on this platform, but every time I start watching TikTok I can feel myself getting dumber.

Alternatives: Huffing spray paint?