Most people make the mistake of thinking design is what it looks like […] design is how it works.

Steve Jobs


Wandering Crow is the alter ego of Perry Kibler, formerly Unleashed Creative ( After an extensive career with traditional design studios, I started my own studio in 2003.

It was great for a long time; I got to work as a freelancer for other agencies working on big accounts like Ford, Microsoft, and Qwest (the phone company that handled most of the west back then), but I also got to work with some amazing non-profits and startups.

In 2017 I joined Amazon full time as a Senior UX Designer. And while Amazon is great, it doesn't scratch every itch and I'm still taking projects for the right clients.

Design is taking a complex subject and distilling it. I started design in the world of print, evolved to print + web, and now use various other design titles like UX, UI, and product designer with an amused sense of irony. What I do from day to day hasn’t changed much: design is just a philosophy of minimalism. It can be telling a story or just making paths seem straighter, but aims in its own small and humble way to make life just a little better.

Wandering Crow is a full service design entity; on most projects my role is far more comprehensive than just the design and development and includes re-branding, content creation (via partners who specialize in copywriting), and consultation. I help you craft a story that best explains what you offer and who you are.