Nothing is perfect, nothing is done

Part of the reason I don’t write more or post more photos or add to my portfolio is that nothing is ever perfect.

It’s easy to get stuck thinking that if you just tweak it a little bit more, or make this one final change, then everything will be fine. And sadly, that mindset doesn’t stop with your work—it is the same when you look in the mirror, consider your relationships, or think about life goals. Moving targets every one, and there is never a point where things are just done.

What’s funny is that with clients’ work, I’m the most forgiving, easy-going person. If they hedge about a blog post, I tell them it’s great and they can always fix it later. If they worry about a new direction in marketing, I tell them to trust their instincts and watch the data. Everything can be fixed.

Right now I have two websites that I’ve yet to post to my site. I have another blog post that I’ve hedged on and read and re-read. I have a ton of photos that need updated.

If I could learn one thing in 2022, it would be to remember that nothing is perfect. Put it out there, do the best you can in the time you have, and then let it go.