Nothing is Finished

One of the best things about the PNW is that spring happens in waves here. One tree flowers, then leaves come, and then the next day or week another has just started—it’s not one big reveal.

What has always drawn me to my craft is that nothing is ever finished. Like spring in the PNW, or the seasons in general, design can be a cycle of change. Usually, hopefully, in the realm of design, it’s always positive change, but even crisis can bring growth.

I am trying to get my portfolio in shape and I’m failing miserably. It’s because part of what makes me a good designer is that I’m always looking at the horizon. Nothing I’ve ever done, and therefore nothing in my portfolio, is “fine.” I don’t see things that are finished, I see websites and projects that can be improved on. And unfortunately, because I'm a perfectionist, I don't like any of it. So instead of adding to my portfolio I spend the time fixing something. For every page or even section I’ve published, I only see the opportunity to make it better.

I imagine I’m not alone. It may not be design for you, it could be your body weight, your ability to speak publicly, your current moment in training your new puppy, the state of renovation in your current home, whatever. Wherever you are, try, at least for a little bit, to just be there. Take a breath and enjoy the moment, the current flowers on the trees around you and the bright green shoots of spring.

Before the dark greens of summer come, make sure you enjoy the spring.