A New Site

It's been on my 'to do' list for about a year, but I've finally spent the time to build a new site. I wanted to change my company name and start looking for freelance work again. Amazon is great, but not exactly cutting edge and I need to keep learning new things; freelancing for select clients helps me stay sharp and do things other than Amazon.

The new site still has a lot of rough edges to work out, but I figured an imperfect site was better than no site.

I also got the chance to try a new tech stack for this site. React is all the hotness right now, but I'm not a fan of Facebook and React is a little too structured about some things (for instance, you can't easily use Pug). However, there are some things I like about React. Lucky for me, Vue.js has all the cool stuff React does, but it just seems to fit me better. So, I built this site in Gridsome.

Middleman was my previous site, and is what I used for many clients for many years. It's still a lovely tool that's continually evolving. But Gridsome gives me the chance to use components (which are amazing) and have my site behave like an app (instant page transitions with animation, for instance). Gridsome also runs fast and does things on the backend that make life much easier such as resizing and lazy loading all my images.

The learning curve has been substantial (and nowhere close to finished), but it's been fun to pick up something new.